Everyone talks about grinding, hustling and securing the bag but no one talks about
“burnout”. Well, I’ll talk about it! I have been out here in these entrepreneurial streets
for some time now, and there were times when I could not tell clients NO. If they needed
me I was there. I answered calls day and night! I had no system in place to protect me
from myself or my mental health. We work so hard as entrepreneurs, giving all that we
have and then a little of what we do not have.

Unfortunately, no one warned me about burnout or about the feeling of resentment that
comes up when you try to pour from an empty cup. Before long, I was left feeling
overworked and underappreciated.! I was questioning my career as an entrepreneur
and exploring new career opportunities. I hated the direction in which my business was
going, but it took me a minute to realize that it wasn’t the business it was ME.

I was trying to be everything to everyone and we all know that’s not possible. I wanted
to make everyone happy because I thought that was how you show your appreciation to
your clients and to God for blessing me with the talent, knowledge and skill set to do
what I do. However, I shortly discovered that everyone handles success differently. I
responded to my success by overextending myself, so much so that it led to health
challenges, insomnia and burnout.

Today, I have a better system in place to protect myself. I have policies & procedures in
place and I do not waiver or make exceptions. Of course, when the unexpected
happens you can adjust your policies to fit the circumstances. I’m sharing my story
because I know that I am not alone.

Here are a few steps you can take now that will prepare you for success.

1. Get Your House In Order: Have a set schedule and make sure your clients know
your hours of operation and what steps to take in case of emergency.

2. Simplify Your System: Make sure your policies and procedures are up to date. Also,
be sure that you follow the system you create. It’s not the client's fault when boundaries
are crossed...You are the boss.

3. 4. Forget About Securing Bag 24/7: It’s okay to take a long lunch, or silence your
social media notifications when needed. I’m sure you’re good at what you do but no one
will benefit from you if you do make time to take care of you.It’s easy to get so caught
up in making money and pleasing clients that you forget about self-care.

6. Schedule Days Off Regularly: You’re the boss and nowadays you can work
remotely from just about anywhere. If you can’t afford to take the time off, change your
work location. Try working by the pool or somewhere with nice scenery. Getting out of
the office often helps boost creativity and we all can use a little extra creativity.

7. Buy Yourself Something Nice: We work so hard but if you don’t make time to enjoy
it you’ll begin to resent the freedom of entrepreneurship and begin seeing it as work.

8. Stop & Smell The Roses: Learn to take time to celebrate your accomplishments.
I pray this helps! Until next time...